Specimen Collection

What we need from you to provide high-quality results:

For an accurate lab result, the phlebotomist – your medical staff professional handling the specimen – must understand specimen acquisition, proper handling, suitable containers and ideal storing temperatures.

Please review the requirements for each test before taking the specimen from the patient. Platinum Diagnostic Lab provides a comprehensive laboratory test directory listing temperature and storage specifications for more than 1,000 tests.

The directory and its information is updated regularly with the most recent information and available tests.

Accuracy of test results can be guaranteed if all samples are handled and stored properly prior to laboratory testing.


Specimen collection at laboratory - New Jersey

Common collecting errors to avoid:

  • Insufficient specimen quantity:
    • Each specimen must be at least the stated minimum. This is absolutely necessary to process a specimen.
    • Whole blood should be drawn in an amount of 2.5 times the volume of serum or plasma required for a particular test. For example, if 4 ml of serum are required, draw at least 10 ml of whole blood.
  • Improper container filling: a specimen that requires freezing should not be filled completely due to expansion
  • Hemolysis: caused by inadequate specimen collection or handling
  • Improper container: each specimen requires a container compatible with its contents and unique storing needs
  • Inaccurate patient guidance: fully explain the collection process to each patient and ensure they understand what to avoid prior to testing
  • Incorrect/missing labels: provide all pertinent information about each sample, and ensure that each container is labeled properly
  • Specimen leakage: please tightly close all containers to avoid loose lids

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