About Us

Platinum Diagnostic Laboratory  is an independent  clinical laboratory offering extensive medical testing services in the region and connectivity solutions for both laboratory information systems and electronic medical records. We support the testing needs of patients, physicians, hospitals, employers, independent physicians associations and other businesses through our patient service locations across the region


Blood, urine and saliva testing, NJ

Our Mission

The mission and values of Platinum Diagnostic Lab

 Our persistent dedication is good health for:

  • Our People
  • Our Patients
  • Our Communities
  • Our World

We will work as a team to demonstrate our values:

Respect - Treat all people with respect and compassion

Service - Put the needs of our patients and their families first

Quality - Deliver outstanding clinical services

Excellence - Set high standards and achieve them

Responsibility - Be good stewards of our resources, ensuring access to care for all

Innovation - Be progressive in our thinking and actions


Your Privacy

At Platinum Diagnostic Lab, your laboratory tests, results and personal health records are kept completely private. Privacy is guaranteed: no third-party access is allowed to personal health information. You or your primary healthcare provider will receive test results directly from Platinum Diagnostic Lab.

Platinum Diagnostic Lab - New JerseyWhy choose Platinum Diagnostic Lab for medical laboratory testing?


  • 24/7 Client Services: Platinum Diagnostic Lab’s client services department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can be reached around-the-clock for questions or concerns at (201)-636-2705.
  • Customized Procedures: We work with you to fit your unique needs. Processes can be customized. Platinum Diagnostic Lab will request forms based on your requests, as well as change delivery times to make our services seamlessly fit your schedule.
  • Easy tech support: Platinum Diagnostic Lab offers training for your staff to use our user-friendly IT systems efficiently.
  • Simple test results: Platinum Diagnostic Lab provides test results the way it is convenient for you. Whether you prefer paper results, or wish to receive them electronically, we can accommodate.
  • Your needs come first: You can always let us know how we can serve you better by calling us at (201)-636-2705. We are interested in hearing your ideas – regardless if you are a current client.



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